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Welcome to Bikram Yoga Den Bosch

Near Waalwijk is Bikram Yoga Den Bosch

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About Us

What is Bikram Yoga?

Everyone can join!

Young, old, stiff and agile

Bikram Yoga Den Bosch offers a  90 minute lesson with  26 poses and two breathing exercises performed in 2 sets. The poses are an ultimate selection of  the attitudes from the  hatha yoga .  The lesson is given in a heated room slightly above body temperature, 38° C. Each lesson is made up of the same series of postures.

In the bikramyogals you stretch and strengthen the muscles in the entire body, improve circulation and functioning of organs and glands, calm the nervous system and improve concentration. This age-old science of self-care brings vitality, health  and peace of mind.

"The poses provide more flexibility, stronger muscles, more endurance, less stress, more focus, more energy and better sleep."
The bikramyogales have a healing effect on body and mind. An injury will recover faster through yoga and overstrain and burnouts will be a thing of the past faster.
Buy one right away  trial lesson  arrive and come whenever you want!

Now as well

every Sunday


Class schedule

Please note, adjusted times in April:

Thursday 27 April -  Royal day:  5:45 pm continues, 8 pm expires

Reservations are not necessary, just drop by for a (trial) lesson whenever you want.

Or buy all your lesson(s) online now and save time at the desk!

Eerste keer

First time

"You're never too old or  too sick and it never is  too late to start all over again"

When you're new to Bikram Yoga Den Bosch  you can start with the trial lesson.

The trial lesson costs €15. With this  can you do 10  unlimited lessons for days  come to follow. So come as often as you want, so that you can see what the yoga is for over several classes  you do. 

At the first lesson you will get  a yoga mat and large towel to borrow. For the following lessons you can rent it from us at the desk or bring your own.


  • Arrive on time, about 15  minutes before the start of the lesson, so that you can register quietly.

  • You don't have to make a reservation, just come to the class you want.

  • Clothing suggestion women:  wear for example  shorts with a top/sports bra.

  • Clothing suggestion men: wear for example  short (swimming) shorts, T-shirt is optional.

  • The class is for all levels, even if it is the first yoga class in your life.

  • Lesson lasts 90 minutes.

  • Drink enough during the day, make sure you come to class hydrated.

  • Do not eat meals until 3 hours before class.  Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach.

  • Come with a positive and open attitude.

  • We are among each other and the outside door is locked during class, but  there are no lockers.

  • Do not use perfumes right before class or in yoga school; airways are very sensitive to  yoga practice.

  • Yoga mat and towel are included in the first lesson.

  • There are lovely spacious showers in each dressing room.

  • Come as soon as possible for your free  second and subsequent lessons. You will experience each lesson differently and  your body will get better at the heat  to be used to.


Contact us

Bikram Yoga Den Bosch

Vughterstraat 234

5211 GP Den Bosch  

Phone: 073 - 690 89 19


Chamber of Commerce: 66 27 91 94

VAT number: NL15 05 87 375 B01

Bank account: NL94 TRIO 0338 4388 15

Are you looking for bikram yoga in other cities?

Here you will find all  fellow schools .

Bikram Yoga Den Bosch operates independently without any franchise obligations.

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