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Yoga and Pilates teacher


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yoga teacher

Luuk has been practicing yoga since 2018. Initially to regain flexibility. It turned out to be a game changer. He found that mind and body are closely linked and that yoga has more positive effects on both than flexibility alone. He wants to share that experience with others. He completed his teacher training in 2021. In addition to being a hot yoga teacher, Luuk is a vinologist, Reiki healer and passionate hobby chef.


Your experts for your yoga classes

We have a high-quality team of teachers for you. We continue to improve ourselves through further training, working on our own yoga practice and staying in touch with what is going on outside our walls.

Knowledge, quality and interest in you are our three fundamentals for a good yoga class.

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Owner Home of Yoga


Bas has worked as a professional dancer and choreographer at home and abroad for many years. In 2004 he took his first yoga class and since then yoga has become an indispensable part of his life. After graduating from Los Angeles in 2013, he is a full-time teacher of bikram yoga and has taught in Utrecht, Amsterdam, LA, San Francisco and Warsaw. Starting his own yoga school teaches him how beautiful it is to make others happier. He is therefore very committed to putting yoga on the map in Den Bosch.



Yoga and pilates teacher

Petros discovered yoga 20 years ago on a small Greek island and since then he fell in love with yoga and hasn't stopped practicing since. In 2011 he moved to the Netherlands and followed various teacher training courses such as Vinyasa Flow, Hot Hatha, Restorative Yoga and Pilates.

Petros' classes are playful and fun as he tries to take you away from the stress of the daily routine and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. He welcomes people of all ages, shapes and physical abilities. His concept is that yoga is about inner peace and stability and making you feel at ease. He encourages you along the way during your yoga practice to help you continue to grow and recharge your body and mind.

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Yoga teacher

Andriette was immediately sold on Hot Yoga after taking her first lessons at Home of Yoga. After always practicing a wide variety of sports, everything came together for her: movement, flexibility, strength and relaxation came together. With a busy life as an entrepreneur and a family, this is the place where she can find herself. This change since then has been palpable for her, both physically and mentally. When teacher training in Portugal came her way, the choice was quickly made. Andriette sees this as a gift. A gift that she would also like to pass on to others!



Yoga teacher

Since her first Bikram Yoga class in 2012, Jitske has always returned to this yoga in the hot room. There she learned that yoga is not so much about the postures, but about your posture. Observe yourself with curiosity and without judgment. In 2019, she decided to deepen her yoga path and attended the Teacher Training in the US. She has been teaching ever since and lovingly passes on her passion for Bikram Yoga to others. In her lessons, Jitske wants to create space to observe yourself without judgment and with curiosity.



Yoga teacher

Gert came across yoga because he was looking for a better relationship with his body. The day Gert took his first lessons at Home of Yoga, the seed to start teaching himself was quickly planted and he followed the tapasya training and subsequently the training to become a yoga teacher in the Bikram method in Portugal.

He soon discovered that a healthy body is closely linked to the well-being of his emotions. These two aspects are inseparable in yoga and that is what makes this profession so challenging for Gert. “The challenge is not in the difficulty of the posture, but in remaining honest with yourself.”



Yoga therapist and guest teacher

Sherie has been teaching and practicing yoga since 1992 and was invited to Bangalore, India in 1997. She completed her studies in Vinyasa Krama and yoga therapy a year later. In 1998 she started bikram yoga. She has worked with top athletes, troubled teens and the elderly. Sherie believes that yoga is for everyone as a method of liberation from suffering. Sherie continues to teach yoga as the "8-limb system" and supports schools, teachers and students around the world. Yoga has her given a way to serve others with unconditional love.



Yoga teacher

From an early age, Birgitta was at home at the ballet school and in the theater. First as a student, later as a teacher. As a result, 'continuing to learn yourself' shifted to the background. Until a participant from her BodyBalance class took Birgitta to a Bikram yoga class (with Bas!). How could such an intense, hot and repetitive series of positions feel so great? Tapasya yoga also came her way through Bikram. Clarity, fun and attention to what is possible instead of what cannot (yet) succeed: that is what you can expect in a lesson with Birgitta.

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Pilates teacher

Caroline's journey into the world of pilates started three years ago during the pandemic. As a healthcare professional, Caroline quickly recognized the profound benefits pilates brought to her body, strength and mind.

Driven by a desire to share these transformative benefits, Caroline decided to become a pilates teacher. She firmly believes in the power of pilates for recovery after surgery and maintaining fitness during treatments. Caroline is passionate about inspiring others to embrace pilates as a holistic approach to strengthening the body and nourishing the mind.



Yoga teacher


Mark has been passionate about health and vitality since 2002. In 2010, his yoga journey began in India, which was mainly driven by the desire to fully embrace yoga and unravel the essence of yoga. In addition to his yoga adventures, Mark also came into contact with cold training techniques, mindfulness, yin yoga, yoga nidra and the hot yoga challenge. Teaching the Bikram method has brought him a lot. This form of yoga is very honest, confrontational but incredibly valuable to feel, experience and experience. Mark has experienced how this and other forms of yoga can bring about a transformation within yourself.



Yoga and pilates teacher

In 2017 Ivaylo attended a yoga class for the very first time and he hasn't stopped since! 

Before moving to the Netherlands, he started his yoga journey in the UK, where he lived for 10 years. Prior to his move to England, Ivaylo also worked as a professional dancer in Bulgaria for over 10 years.

Yoga allowed him to discover a side of him that he never knew existed, He became a devoted practitioner and soon after a teacher. All the amazing benefits of any kind of yoga or pilates, had incredibly healing effects on him, both mentally and physically. Sharing this magic is why he became a teacher.

Ivaylo's goal for everyone attending his class is to walk out feeling better, happier and stronger!

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