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Experience of a yogi:

"The best yoga school in Den Bosch (and surroundings). High quality teachers who give a lot of personal guidance. Also during my pregnancy super well guided with even a VIP place near the door for some fresh air now and then :-) So I recommend it! " - Anja van Dijk



Why so warm?

In the warm room you can work with your body and muscles in a safer way. The heat helps prevent or heal injuries, because vasodilation allows more oxygenated blood to reach the muscles. In addition, the heat stimulates sweating and waste and toxins are immediately removed.


Do you have to be flexible?

Certainly not. If you're stiff, you've come to the right place to do something about it. Yoga is for everyone to work on flexibility, strength, balance and endurance. By regularly taking part in a class, your flexibility will improve, as well as your overall well-being.


I have an injury, can I come to class?

Anyone with a spine can do yoga. No matter how injured you are, you can always participate. Depending on your injury, you will have postures adjustments that are temporarily painful. The rule of thumb is: no pain, but come and help your body heal. Due to the heat and associated effects such as vasodilation and better blood flow, your injury will recover faster. So just come to class and tell the teacher about your injury.


How long does a lesson take?

The Original Hot Yoga class lasts 90 minutes, but we also offer other teaching methods. For more information about the lessons we offer, look under the heading "Lessons on offer".


Are there changing rooms?

Yes, we have two spacious changing rooms: one for women and one for men. We have enough hooks and storage compartments for your belongings. There are no lockers, but no one comes into the changing rooms during class; we are among each other. A hairdryer is also provided.


Are there showers?

Yes, we have 4 spacious showers per dressing room, so you can go home fresh and clean - or wherever.


Can I come if I have a cold or flu?

A Bikram Yoga class gives your immune system a significant boost. Colds and flu pass faster when you do your yoga class. As long as you do not have a high fever, it is therefore good to come to recover from your illness faster.


During the pandemic, no one with a cold should be allowed in. Do the health check in advance.


Can I come if I am pregnant?

Even when you are pregnant, you and your child can experience the benefits of yoga. If you already did yoga with us before you became pregnant, you can just keep coming and we will adjust a number of postures (from 3 months) on your new belly. If you have never done hot yoga (bikram yoga) before, we will immediately start with some adapted poses. In your adapted yoga class we prevent compressions on the stomach and give your child the space it needs.


Is (bikram) hot yoga suitable for beginners?

Yeah totally! The lesson we teach is a beginners lesson that you can participate in at any level. The lesson is suitable for all levels, beginners and advanced. It is a challenge for everyone.


How often can I do bikram yoga or other forms of heated yoga?

You can do hot yoga every day. A rest day such as with sports is not necessary, because there are so many restorative moments for your body. The more often you come, the faster you build up something that you can build on next time. Come by for a trial lesson and see for yourself how often you want to come.


Is this yoga therapeutic?

Yes bikram, original hot, tapasya and vinyasa yoga is therapeutic yoga. People recover faster from burnouts and stress. But post traumatic stress syndrome also decreases with the practice of bikram yoga. Knee problems, hip problems, shoulder injuries, you name it, heal faster and better with a regular hot yoga class. Thyroid problems, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, back pain: come to us and we will help you in the process of your therapy.


Can I come for 100 days?

There is the option to do the 100-day challenge. This means that you participate in an original hot yoga class every day for 100 consecutive days. In addition to your personal satisfaction, you will be rewarded with a substantial discount on your next lesson package.


Are there several yoga schools in Noord-Brabant where the bikram method is taught?

Home of Yoga is the only original certified yoga school where bikram yoga is taught and may be taught. Wherever you live: in Uden, Tilburg, Breda, Oss, Waalwijk, Rosmalen, Vught, Drunen, Schijndel, you name it, you are very welcome to join our yoga school for your hot yoga classes.


What are the advantages?

• Strengthens all muscle groups

• Increases strength and flexibility

• Improves stamina and balance

• Improves and stimulates blood circulation

• Improves and increases your breathing capacity

• Encourages weight loss

• Reduces the risk of injuries

• Helps recover existing injuries faster

• Improves your concentration and ability to focus

• Increases your energy level

• Let stress disappear from your body

• Let your skin glow

• Balances your entire system: physically, mentally and spiritually

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