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Original Hot 90 - 39° C

90 minutes

Home of Yoga Den Bosch offers a 90-minute class (bikram method) with 26 postures and two breathing exercises that are performed in 2 sets. The postures are an ultimate selection of the postures from the Hatha yoga. The class is given in a heated room slightly above body temperature, 39 ° C. Each lesson is made up of the same series of postures.

In the original hot yoga class you stretch and strengthen the muscles throughout your whole body, improve the circulation and functioning of organs and glands, calm the nervous system and improve your ability to concentrate. This age-old science of self-care brings vitality, health and peace of mind.

"The postures provide more flexibility, stronger muscles, more endurance, less stress, better focus, more energy and a better night's sleep."
The original hot yoga class has a healing effect on both the mind and the body. You will recover from injury faster through yoga and burnouts will much quicker become a thing of the past.

Original Hot 60 - 39° C

60 minutes

We now also offer a shorter version of the original hot yoga class (bikram method), which features the same postures but is only 60 minutes in duration compared to the traditional 90 minute class.

If you still want a good class, but don't have the time to experience the depth of the original class, you can now attend Bikram yoga light. Just a little quicker, just a little shorter. A good option if you don't have the time for the 90-minute long class.

Our core business remains with the original hot yoga class of 90 minutes, because we believe that you should take the time to find the depth in your practice. That does not take away from the fact that this is a very good alternative for when you are short on time every now and then.

Tapasya Hot 75 - 36° C

75 minutes

Tapasya Yoga is Hatha Yoga with a fixed structure in which variation is possible. Most postures are done in 1 set, allowing for more postures to fit into one class, sometimes strung together in series.

It is a nice, well-rounded series that brings together breathing exercises with static postures that balance strength with flexibility, both physically and mentally.

You will immediately experience results and build a solid foundation to navigate from in all aspects of your life.


Regular practice promises the prevention of ailments and has countless benefits for those who suffer from a (sports-related) injury, stress, back and knee pain, scoliosis, insomnia, skin problems and poor digestion.


This lesson is ideal for beginners and suitable for all levels up to advanced. The minimum age due to the necessity for well-developed sweat glands is 12 years old.

Developed by:

Kristin Campbell, Canada

Vinyasa Warm - 32° C

75 minutes




A totally different class: Vinyasa. This is a 75 minute long class that is taught in a less heated room at 32 ° C.

Vinyasa yoga classes are grounded in the tradition of bandha, drishti and pranayama. The Vinyasa technique is used: the synchronization of breathing and movement, fixed gaze (drishti) and the retention of breathing (pranayama).


The contents of the class are not predetermined, the purpose of the practice is to make a strong connection with your core (bandha). The postures can be adjusted and explained to meet the needs of the students, while maintaining the integrity of a secure sequence.


This lesson is suitable for all students, regardless of their level or experience in yoga.

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