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If you are new to Home of Yoga (before: Bikram Yoga Den Bosch), you can start with the first month Unlimited Yoga for a very tiny price.

This will give you largely the time to discover and experience all the benefits of our yoga classes.


The first month only costs €30. It allows you to attend however many classes you want for one month. So come as often as you want, so that you can see what yoga can do for you. 

Due to the corona virus at the moment it is not possible to use our yoga mats. Hence you must bring your own or buy one at our front desk. We are sorry for the inconvenience. 





"You are never too old or too sick and it is never too late to start from scratch again"

Useful to keep in mind:


  • Be on time, about 15 minutes before the start of the class, so that you can register yourself without having to hurry.

  • Exemplary clothing suggestion for women: wear shorts with a top / sports bra. But above all wear what you feel comfortable wearing!

  • Exemplary clothing suggestion for men: wear shorts (or swimming trunks), T-shirt is optional. But above all wear what you feel comfortable wearing!

  • The class is for all levels of proficiency, so no need to worry, even if it is your first ever yoga class.

  • The original hot class (bikram method) takes 90 minutes. The tapasya class takes 75 minutes.

  • Drink enough throughout the day, make sure you attend the class well-hydrated.

  • Try not to eat any large meals in the 3 hours before the class. Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach.

  • Come with a positive and open attitude.

  • We are all together and the outside door is locked during class, but there are no lockers.

  • Do not spray on any perfumes just before class or in the yoga school; Airways are very sensitive in yoga practice.

  • A yoga mat and a towel will be provided at your first class.

  • There are wonderfully spacious showers in every dressing room.

  • Return as soon as possible for your free second and following lessons. You will experience each lesson differently and your body will already be better accustomed to the heat.

Everyone can join!

Young, old, stiff and agile

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