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5 free lessons!

Especially for the summer months we give lessons as a gift, so that you also stay fit in the summer.

Buy a special summer lesson card and get 5 lessons for free. 

We do this with the 10 and 20 lesson card.

The condition is that you must complete these five lessons before 15 September. Do you already have a lesson card? Then we will temporarily stop it so that you can also take advantage of this promotion.

Promotion conditions:

In the period up to and including 15 August, a 10-lesson card that you purchase will be converted into a 15-lesson card and a 20-lesson card will be converted into a 25-lesson card. This summer card is for sale until August 15 and can be used until September 15. From September 16, this will be reset to 10 lessons. 

The 5 extra lessons that you have not used will therefore expire from September 16.

Calculation example 1: on September 16 you still have 3 of the 15 lessons (and therefore used 12), your lesson card goes to 10. 10-12=-2 so your lesson card is gone.

Calculation example 2: on September 1, you still have 8 of the 15 lessons (and therefore used 7), your lesson card goes to 10. 10-7=3 so you have 3 lessons left after the summer.

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