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As described on your Social Deal voucher, complete the following steps:

Create an account here (or log in with your existing account):

Send us your voucher to:


Once we have received the voucher and you have created your account, we can add your lessons and you can book your lessons via our lesson schedule.  Your lessons are valid for 6 weeks from the day you redeem your voucher.

Start now with our beneficial yoga classes taught in a heated room.

Experience for yourself how good the original hot yoga (bikram method) is or one of our other classes such as tapasya, vinyasa and pilates.

So much good you can expect:

total invigorating reset • become strong, supple and fit • heal from injuries • calm your nervous system • boost your immune system

Are you a full-time student? Then we would like to help you make our yoga possible. Get 25% off Unlimited Yoga** and Light Yoga**.
Use the code: 25STUDENT25 .

**not for the first month of €35 or in combination with other offers.

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