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Summer: hop outside! But after your yoga class…

Yoga is a self-healing philosophy of life with countless medical and therapeutic benefits. Yoga is therefore practiced all year round to feel good all year round. Now that summer is at its peak and nature really explodes with prana (life force) we all go outside, but don't forget your yoga class, your reset, your self-healing, your de-stressing, your staying healthy.

Ten good reasons now that it's summer  continue with our  yoga classes: 

  1. You acclimatize the body to better cope with the hot days to come.  

  2. Get stronger and more powerful for your outdoor activities and bring muscles back to length.  

  3. Get that beautiful line for your swimwear and feel more confident because yoga  makes you feel good.  

  4. detox! Maybe you drink a glass of wine on a terrace more often, no problem, you detoxify faster and more effectively with hot  yoga: sweat, stretch and compress it out!  

  5. drink! Water! hot  Yoga encourages you to stay hydrated for a healthier body. Your skin will glow and your body temperature will be better regulated.  

  6. Breath!  hot  yoga promotes the quality of breathing. Many people are outside, you are  looking for a parking space on the beach, a table on that full terrace, suitcase packed too full, you name it: less stress through better breathing. hot  yoga teaches you to better deal with stressful situations.  

  7. Treat yourself in the summer! More time for you! The  yoga class is for you and you alone. More quality time for you and your health.  

  8. The summer months are often busier: come to the calm yoga school on Vughterstraat and enjoy the peace and tranquility that we have created here.

  9. Keep up your practice! A regular practice of our yoga classes  throughout the year gives you more results and a more constant feeling of well-being.  

  10. Inspire yourself! Come to the yoga school and refresh yourself with sweet, kind and passionate people who all come to us. We want to teach you with love so that you can go out again with all your goodness to make society a little bit better.

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