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Start with your first month of Unlimited Yoga
Then you automatically stay in Unlimited Yoga or choose one of the other options

Get your first month 50% discount and only pay €42.50* instead of €85 and enter the promo code: FIRSTMONTH
* for newcomers or who have not been there for more than 1 year


“Physically and mentally charged going home”


"The rest of the day brimming with energy"


"Also during my pregnancy!"


“I'm making progress with leaps and bounds”


"I recover better from injuries"

Start now with our beneficial yoga classes conducted in a heated room.

Experience for yourself how good the original hot yoga (bikram method) is

or one of our other classes such as tapasya, vinyasa and pilates.

So much good you can expect:

• total energizing reset

• become strong, flexible and fit

• heal from injuries

• calm your nervous system

• increase your immune system

It has never been more important

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