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June promo

The more often you come, the cheaper it gets

This is how it works:

  • This promotion is for people with Unlimited Yoga - this gives you unlimited access to all classes. So switch quickly!

  • The more often you come, the cheaper it gets.

  • Discount starts from 3 times a week.

  • If you come 7 times a week, you will receive a €39.50 discount on your subscription!

  • Do you have another subscription or lesson card? Then switch immediately (temporarily)!

Yes, I'm in!

Have fun this month!
Terms and conditions:

The promotion runs from June 1 to June 30.

The discount only applies to the Unlimited Yoga subscription (purchase it here. 

Not valid in combination with the intro deal, so only valid at the rate of €79.

At the end of the month, the lessons are added up and the next discount is given:

  • 13 times total (average 3x pw) then get €9 discount

  • 17 times total (average 4x pw) then you get a €17 discount

  • 21 times total (average 5x pw) then you get a €26 discount

  • 25 times total (average 6x pw) then you get a €34 discount

  • 30 times total (average 7x pw) then you get a €39.50 discount

If you do not meet the above number, the discount will be based on the number of lessons below.

The discount is given on the next collection of your subscription. For example: if your payment always falls on the 15th, you will get your discount on the payment that is scheduled for July 15. 

You can do more than one lesson per day, that also counts.

Get summer ready with lots of yoga in June!

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