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Date: Sunday 24  March 2019

Time: 12.00-14.00 including lunch

Workshop leader: Anna Hecheltjen

Cost:  20,-

Our body has to deal with loads on a daily basis. Just think of exhaust fumes, make-up, perfume, processed and refined food or use of medicines. An overload can lead to complaints such as fatigue and headaches. Spring is ideally suited to help detox your body. You already do that with yoga: you easily remove waste products through sweat and breath. But what can you do with food?

About the workshop:


The workshop starts with a delicious light and healthy lunch. That way you experience what a detox meal can look like. During the detox workshop, the following topics will be touched upon:

  • What is cleansing / what is detoxification?

  • When yes/when not?

  • What are the benefits/symptoms?

  • What can you do yourself?


Donate before Thursday 21  March 12 noon for lunch. In this way it can be guaranteed that a lunch is also ready for you.

The lunch is 100% organic and vegetarian!


Also participate in the juice days:

After the workshop you start with a responsible reduction for a few days. On Wednesday 27, Thursday 28  and Friday 29  March you participate in the juice days. Register in time and participate. Drink only for 3 days  juices  or combine with some solid food. This cure is responsible and good  balanced.  

We do this together so we can support and consult each other in difficult moments.  

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