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"Physically and mentally charged back home"


"The rest of the day full of energy"


"Also during my pregnancy!"


“I'm making leaps of progress”


"I recover better from injuries"


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The only original hot yoga and more...

As the best known and most appreciated yoga school in Den Bosch and surroundings, we offer hot yoga (bikram yoga method) but also vinyasa yoga, tapasya yoga, hatha yoga and pilates. Home of Yoga is the yoga studio in 's-Hertogenbosch for heated yoga classes from 28 ° C at vinyasa krama and pilates up to 39 ° C at Original Hot (bikramyoga or also known as 26 & 2). Our goal is to give therapeutic yoga to the widest possible audience. Whether you are old or young, sick or healthy, fit or not, stiff or flexible: it is never too late to start over. You do yoga with your body and not with someone else's body, so ....


Experience of a yogi:
"I have been taking classes in Home of yoga for 2 1/2 years now. When I came in I had gone a lot physically and mentally. So that I could hardly stand on two legs. Now I can even stand on one leg. Mentally. it gives me peace and stability so that I have regained my self-confidence. I keep learning from it so I keep going, even when there is physical discomfort. The recovery is faster and I am always looking forward to the lesson. The space and the teachers make me feel warm and welcome. " Jacqueline Boselie

Home: Welcome


Welcome to our yoga school. Are you a beginner or an advanced yogi, we will make you feel at home with us. Yoga should be accessible to everyone. Whether you are young, old, sick or healthy: everyone can and should do yoga. Our doors are open to you, our teachers are ready for you. Yoga is there to make and keep you physically and mentally healthy. Whatever condition you come to us in. So see you at your first lesson.

The most important thing about your first lesson? Come to your second class soon.


"The postures provide more flexibility, stronger muscles, more endurance, less stress, more focus, more energy and a better night's sleep."


Experience of a yogi:

"Through bikramyoga I have finally been able to say goodbye to my physiotherapist. After a lesson I feel completely zen and reborn. Professional teachers and top guidance. Also during my pregnancy." - Cynthia Storm



Our classes are taught in our beautiful and spacious yoga room. Surrounded by daylight, a high ceiling and cozy plants, the lessons are offered in a heated room. Each lesson has its own temperature, because each lesson has a different intensity and is set up differently. The more or less heat creates a safe environment that is extremely healthy for your muscles, blood circulation and flexibility.


Experience of a yogi:

"The yoga helps me very well with recovery from injuries and general well-being. Home of Yoga Den Bosch is also a very nice, relaxed yoga school with very good instructors who adapt the class for you so that you can participate at every level. Five stars!" - Aukje van Gerven



Home of Yoga Den Bosch offers a class of 90 minutes with 26 postures and two breathing exercises that are performed in 2 sets (bikram method). The poses are an ultimate selection of hatha yoga poses. The class is given in a heated room slightly above body temperature, 39 ° C. Each class is made up of the same series of postures.


In the original hot yoga class (bikram method) you stretch and strengthen the muscles throughout the body, improve circulation and functioning of organs and glands, calm the nervous system and improve concentration. This age-old science of self-care brings vitality, health and peace of mind.


The original hot yoga class has a healing effect on body and mind. An injury will recover faster through yoga and overwork and burnouts will be a thing of the past.


Tapasya Hot Yoga is Hatha Yoga with a fixed structure in which variation is possible. Most poses are done in 1 set, so that more poses fit in the lesson, sometimes strung together in series.


It's a nicely rounded series that brings together breathing exercises with static poses that balance strength along with flexibility, both physically and mentally.

You will experience immediate results and build a solid foundation to navigate from all aspects of your life.


Regular practice promises to prevent ailments and has numerous benefits for those suffering from (sports-related) injury, stress, back and knee pain, scoliosis, insomnia, skin problems and indigestion.


This lesson is ideal for beginners and suitable for all levels up to advanced. The minimum age for well-developed sweat glands is 12 years.


Developed by:

Kristin Campbell, Canada



A totally different lesson: vinyasa. This is a 75 minute class taught in a less heated room at 32 ° C.


Vinyasa Yoga classes are grounded in the tradition of bandha, drishti and pranayama. The vinyasa technique is used: synchronizing breathing and movement, fixed gaze (drishti) and holding the breath (pranayama).


The content of the lesson is not fixed, the purpose of the practice is to make a strong connection with your core (bandha). The poses can be adjusted and explained to meet the needs of the students, while maintaining the integrity of a safe sequence.


This class is suitable for all students, regardless of their level or experience with yoga.



Pilates is a system of exercises. It has a physical purpose; strengthening your small, deep muscles and muscle chains.


Pilates is a theory of movement developed by Joseph Pilates (1880-1967). Pilates developed its method during World War I with the intention of improving the rehabilitation program for war veterans. Partly because of his belief that mental and physical health are intertwined, he developed exercises with an emphasis on controlled precise movements. These were to help the wounded soldiers regain their health and strengthen their most important muscles. Later, the Pilates method was picked up by the professional ballet world. It became an integral part of the dance education and it always has. Like Yoga, Pilates has taken on different forms.


“Yoga does not transform the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.”

Experience of a yogi:

"Bikram yoga helps me to recover from injuries and after each class I feel completely zen for the rest of the day, full of energy. I had no yoga experience, but the excellent guidance of the yoga teachers makes me jump. forward :-) The yoga school is beautiful and immediately gives you a relaxed feeling upon entering! Absolute must to come by and try it out! - Floris Bergmann

BKS Iyengar



Home of Yoga

Vughterstraat 234

5211 GP 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

073 690 8919

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Chamber of Commerce: 66 27 91 94

VAT ID: NL001765129B87


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